About Idiocy Afoot


The goal of this site is simple:  To have a place where I can write (and share and post) about anything…anything but work.

Don’t get me wrong…I love my work, and have been blessed with a fun career on the forefront of technology; doing cool things and working with people that I love.  But it’s easy to get wrapped up in all of that; to the point of losing one’s identity to it.

I’ve also been blessed with a great family and opportunities to pursue a number of interests over the years;  everything from photography and music to aviation, snowboarding, scuba diving, motorcycles, and boating/sailing.  I feel that I have a fairly diverse set of interests and background, and like to think deeply (most often a little too deeply) about all of these things and the world around me.

I was an early Facebook adopter and pretty heavy user until I finally just burnt out on it and pulled out.  There are aspects that I miss, and certainly friends that I miss updates from (and probably upset when I finally lost it and just unfriended everyone.  Twice. Perhaps not the best way to go about that.)  But it never felt like the platform for the type of writing or posting I really wanted to do.

There are numerous blog site that I have been inspired by over the years.  One is a buddy’s blog at http://swellguy.typepad.com/.  Zig is an awesome guy (and photographer) and I hope he starts posting again.  When I first saw his site, it struck me as the type of platform I was looking for.  I just needed to actually take the time to sit down and build it.  And here we are about 4 years later.

So this will be home base.  Maybe I’ll dip back into the deep end of the social media pool at some point. Twitter is about all I do these days.  But I’d rather use all of those as extensions/outlets from a home base that I own.  I guess all that’s pretty obvious to anyone who has ever run a blog before.

With the primary goal of this site to be a place for me to write, not ‘be read’, I honestly don’t care if a single person but me ever reads any of this.  It’s for me.  But if you have stumbled across it, I hope you like it.  It may not be ‘good’, whatever that means…but it is anything but insincere.  Hopefully it’s at least mildly interesting.

Why ‘idiocy afoot’?  There isn’t anything terribly special about that phrase, other than it has just always given me a chuckle…and almost always rings true to some extent.  Whenever I am in a traffic jam I always find myself mumbling ‘there is idiocy afoot’…meaning that somewhere someone did something stupid (even if just a tiny bit stupid) that caused said mess.  Maybe something big and immediate, like..oh…staring at a cell phone while driving a car.  But maybe something very small…and something that happened a long time before…that ultimately contributed to the current situation.

But no matter what…no matter where…to some large extent or small….there is…always…idiocy afoot.  After all, we are humans and we seem to specialize in it.