Cuba Sail 2017 – Havana

(COMING SOON) “The first thought I had stepping out of the cab in Old Havana was “My god.  There is a photo every 5 feet.”  Actually it is probably more like every 5 inches.  Like many cities, Havana is an incredible mix of people and buildings and sights, sounds.  But Havana, especially Old Havana, has an a couple additional elements that together really make it different…”    

Cuba Sail 2017 – Key West to Havana

The trip started with all of us, Michael and Aaron and I at least, headed down to Key West on Tuesday to meet up at Sunset Marina on Stock Island, and board Florida Yacht Group’s Jeanneau 449 ‘Real Escape’.   After a thorough checkout and briefing with Adam, we headed into downtown Key West to eat and grab a drink while waiting for our final crew-member Oscar to arrive. Wednesday we got

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Cuba Sail 2017 – How did this happen?

So this is how it started… That’s a screenshot of my buddy Oscar’s chat with me on Feb 22nd.  We joked later on the trip about how I responded within the minute.  It should have been in all caps.  “YES. I. DO.”  This trip was exactly what I was looking for and needed…at exactly the right time.  As Jules would say, “This was divine intervention!”. But let’s back up a

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